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The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 4456665 Cell: +64 021 577078

New Zealand Emerging Artists

The following are a small selection of new and emerging artists from our collection. Art by the Sea supports the growth in New Zealand emerging art as a testament to the variety and uniqueness of art in Aotearoa. The artists selected here are full or part-time artists that have completed some form of New Zealand Tertiary level art education and are committed and passionate about the work they produce and the creativity they attempt to extract from within.
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Amanda Johnson nz portrait artist, coffee, oil on canvas  
Toni Armstrong nz emerging artist, conte, watercolour, acrylic, framed
New 2020 Amanda Johnson "New Morning with Coffee" Oil on Canvas
Size: 70cm x 55cm Enquire Now
Toni Armstrong "Pandoras Box" (Framed) Watercolour, Conte, Oil, Acrylic
Size: 97cm x 79cm Enquire Now
Holly Craig nz emerging artist
Caroline Peacock nz emerging artist, oil on paper
Holly Craig "Kauri Dieback" Original ink drawing (framed)
Size: 96.5cm x 68cm Enquire Now
Caroline Peacocke "Village Square" Oil ink on Paper
Size: 64cm x 41cm Price: $430 Enquire Now
Toni Armstrong nz portrait artist, whakairo, watercolour, conte, oil
Amanda Johnson nz portrai artist, emerging
Toni Armstrong "Whakairo" (Framed) Watercolour, Conte, Oil, Acrylic
Size: 114.5cm x 58.5cm Enquire Now
Amanda Johnson "Afternoon Tea with Checked Scarf" Oil on Canvas
Size: 60cm x 45cm Price: $850 Enquire Now

Holly Haines nz emerging artist, mountain, height, oil on canvas
bronwyn menhinick nz charcoal drawings and art
New 2021Holly Haines "Height"
Oil on Stretched Canvas
Size: 61cm x 46cm Enquire Now
Bronwyn Menhinick "Tangled" Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 100cm x 80cm Price: $1850 Enquire Now
Jo Tricker woven fused glass bowls   Steve Cascalheira nz emerging contemporary art, print
Jo Tricker Cobalt Orange Woven Fused Glass Bowl
Size: 38cm x 6cm
Enquire Now
Steve Cascalheira "Maria Etu" Limited Edition Fine Art Print
Size: 66cm x 66cm Enquire Now Sold

Michelle Durrant NZ fine art photography
Michelle Durant "Follow the Leader" Sheep Mob Lake Ohau
LTD Chromagraph on Paper Enquire Now
catriona caird nz fine art printmaker
Catriona Caird Albatross
Woodcut print 6/20 Size: 173cm x 65cm Price: $1150
Enquire Now
Catriona Caird nz large woodcut prints
Catriona Caird NZ Weta
Woodcut print 6/20
Enquire Now

bronywn menhinick nz charcoal and drawing art

lee ann dixon nz contemporary artist, emerging artist, silver plates

Bronwyn Menhinick "Pure" Charcoal Framed
Size: 59cm x 62cm Price: $1000 now $900 Enquire Now

Lee-Ann Dixon "Gwenda 1930" Oil on Silver Plate
Size: 32cm diameter $420
Enquire Now Sold
brenda nyhof nz surrealist art
nicola thompson nz fine art, oil paintings, lace, curtains, landscapes

Something on my mind Brenda Nyhof
Oil on canvas Size: 46cm by 46cm $800 now $650
Enquire Now

The Shadows (Sleeps 18) Nicky Thompson Oil on Board (Framed)
Size: 103cm x 103cm Enquire Now
Kath Watson nz artist
Amanda Johnson nz emerging artist, oil paintings, floral scarf

Kath Watson "Kaipara" 91.5cm x 66cm Oil on Canvas
Size: $NZ2500 now $2000
Enquire Now

Amanda Johnson "Floral Scarf" Oil on Canvas
Size: 60.5cm x 45.5cm Price: $950 Enquire Now
Zoe Feng nz flower art and oil paintings
Samantha Lane NZ illustrator, birds, insects
Zoe Feng "Botanicals Rondo 1"
Size: 60cm diameter Oil on Board $800 Enquire Now

Smantha Lane "Extinction" 350 mm x 240 mm
Original Ink drawing on Hahnemuhle bamboo paper, framed Enquire Now

Bronwyn Menhinick acrylic artworks, flowers, canvas
Bronwyn Menhinick "Luminescence" Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 76cm x 67cm Price: $1500 Enquire Now

Bernadette Murphy nz emerging artist
Bernadette Murphy Confused Acrylic on Interfacing (Framed) Size: 90cm x 60cm
Price $1550
Enquire Now

Michel Perrin nz contemporary photographer
Michel Perrin "Muriwai Reeds " Size: 70cm x 58cm
Framed Limited Edition Photograph $750
Enquire Now

Emerging New Zealand Contemporary Artists

art by the sea facebook page
The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 4456665 Cell: +64 021 577078