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Christian Nicolson Exhibition Saturday May 3 2008 Opening is at 4.30pm.

Please come and enjoy a glass of wine and meet Christian.

Christian Nicolson Little Treasures Exhibition
nz art christian nicolsonNZ artist Christian
Chrsitian Nicolson


"This is an exhibition of great importance to me and I am looking forward to sharing it with the world. It is the beginning.
What is it. It is about you and me and most of us around that still remember what it was like being a kid when getting to school meant getting on your bike. It's about wooden swords and adventure and a carelessness of parenthood which helped us have enough freedom to survive later in life as fair dinkum kiwis. Its about tree huts and taking off on a Sunday at the age of 8 with our mates and a Marmite sandwich to explore the land around us. We are becoming so afraid of what might happen that we are not stopping to think about what might not happen. Freedom is a wonderful thing. Lets us not forget.
Or are we all just getting too old to be parents."

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