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Trading Spaces
The following is a group show in conjunction with the Devonport Arts Festival
Come along and hear a gallery talk about the history of Art by the Sea gallery currently situated in
Duders Historic General Store which is over 120 years old and was a significant trading post during the early days of Devonport.
Gallery co-director Mike Geers will also speak about the collection of artists and artworks that make up the stories
of this gallery. Below are listed a few of the works that will be on display. Note more works will be added closer to opening.

graham downs nz illustrator and fine art
The Devonport Ledger Graham Downs Illustrated Book Framed 65cm x 92cm Enquire Now
carol readman nz abstract artist
Heritage 7 Bridge Carol Readman Watercolour 56cm x 75cm Enquire Now Sold

graham downs nz illustrator and fine arts  
Dean Raybould nz contemporary artist, surreal images, shakespeare
NZ Made Graham Downs Oil on Corrugated Iron
Size: 92cm x 74cm Enquire Now
The Bard and the Birds Dean Raybould Oil on Shape Cut Board
Size: 120cm x 100cm Enquire Now
Dean Raybould NZ surrealist art  
graham downs artwork on corrugated iron
"(w)House Traid?" Dean Raybould Acrylic on Board
Size: 62cm x 50cm
I'll make the tea & you can spin me a yarn Graham Downs
Oil on tin and Corrugated Iron Framed
Size: 109cm x 76cm Enquire Now
brendan adams nz ceramic sculptor  
brendan adams nz ceramic artist, sculptor, potter
"Packaging Finial " Brendan Adams Ceramic
Size: 61cm x 41cm
"Traider" Brendan Adams Ceramic
Size: 61cm x 30cm
lee ann dixon nz mixed media artists, silver tea sets, plates    
"Gwenda 1930 " Lee Ann Dixon Oil on Silver Plate
Size: 32cm diameter

andrew bond nz surrealist artist
"Axe" Andrew Bond Oil on Canvas 110cm x 48cm ENQUIRE NOW
raymond jennings nz contemporary artist, historical paintings, buildings
"A Composition of Drawings " Raymond Jennings Pencil & Wash on Canvas
Size: 134cm x 66cm ENQUIRE NOW
raymond jennings nz interiors artist
"Gallery Interior" Raymond Jennings Oil on Canvas
Size: 134cm x 66cm ENQUIRE NOW
Raymond Jennings nz interiors artist, historic nz buildings
"Woods Grocers" Raymond Jennings Pencil and Wash on Canvas
Size: 100cm x 65cm ENQUIRE NOW

art by the sea facebook page

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