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Trudi King
NZ Contemporary Photographer

Journeying around New Zealand since childhood I have developed a love of our landscape, people and history, especially architecture where people live, have lived. Our homes are considered, by some, to be an extension of ourselves, reflecting our personalities, our wealth and our social standing. This has been so since the first colonial settlers arrived, who all at first lived in humble make shift homes. Most went on to build simple cottages and those with wealth built grand homes reflecting their social standing. As the new colony grew, so too did new wealth for some hardworking, or perhaps opportunist settlers who in turn built fine large homes
befitting their new social standing.
And so it began in the colony, our homes reflecting ourselves externally for all passers by to see and admire, to aspire too?
For me old buildings have stories to tell, etched into them over time, they will neverspill their secrets, for walls do not talk. We only learn of life within some old walls from what documented history there is, for most we are left to wonder about past occupants and events. Over the years many old buildings have been changed for new purposes, some are retained as family homes and often renovated, others are in various states of disrepair or in fact neglected or derelict. I am intrigued by what our older homes have to say about their occupants past and present. For me doors and windows are the faces of these old buildings giving them personality along with their decoration, or lack of. Whilst I wonder whether the exterior reflects their occupants nature, consciously or not? Does what a house externally looks like reflect how the occupants feel about home? Is a house a home, or just a house? Is home where their heart is? The many doors and windows I have photographed on my travels are the inspiration in the creation of my work. Using the simple easily recognisable shape of a house in the construction of my work the images I use, chosen as they have captured my interest, or evoked a memory. Varying from those in pristine condition, highly adorned to the simpler, humble abodes, to those that for what ever reason are in various state of disrepair, too those that are now empty.
My photography work reflects on people and their homes, past and present, and as for me home is where the heart is.

Trudi is a recipient of the Rodney Supreme Art Award for 2007

The works below are all Archival Photoprint in Resin mounted on Board attached with Stainless Steel Rods

Trudi King

3D Houses
Mixed Media Large 24cm long x 15cm tall x 11cm wide Price $330 Small 19cm long x 15cm tall x 11cm wide Price $290

trudi king 3d nz artist   Trudi King nz contemporary photographer

The Walk Home Mixed Media Size 51cm x 27cm Price $NZ400


The Hilton Mixed Media Size 17cm x 16cm Price $NZ120

Trudi King NZ contemporary photographer
  Trudi King NZ photographer

Busy Road Mixed Media Size 92cm x 67cm Price $NZ880


In the Breeze Mixed Media Size 17cm x 16cm Price $NZ120

Trudi King contemporary nz photographer
  Trudi King nz photographer

Where I have Wandered Mixed Media Size 92cm x 45cm Price $NZ950


Side Door Mixed Media Size 17cm x 16cm Price $NZ120

Trudi King NZ contemporary photographer
  Trudi King contemporary nz photographer

On the way to School Mixed Media Size 54cm x 54cm Price $NZ680


Flower Pots Mixed Media Size 17cm x 16cm Price $NZ120

Trudi King
Contemporary NZ Photographer


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