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Rosemary Eagles Exhibition
September 17 - October 6 2011
Exhibitions opens Saturday September 17

Within New Zealand's central plateau region lies a spectacular landscape of volcanic mountains, through which the Tongariaro Crossing passes.  This exhibition is about my experience of that journey.

My works depict the sheer magnitude and power of the area, challenging the use of space and form. Mountain ranges, volcanoes, eroding landforms, perched sulphur lakes and magma rock.  A vast area, not unlike what I imagine walking on the surface of the moon would be like.

With the application of acrylic, mixed media and oil paint the works are raw and viscous in appearance.  The flexibility and liberal use of paint mediums combined with palette knife exposes the peeled layers of erosion which have occurred over time.

In my art I have presented the earth's crust, barren, arid and yet still incredibly beautiful to my eye.  Capturing small details such as the layered sulphur and intensity of colour in the magma rock, allows one to see beyond a realist form resulting in these abstract works.

I have thought deeply about what the definition of painting an 'abstract' work means to me and have come to the conclusion that it is the breaking down of the obvious and looking into the depth of the subject matter.  Not just looking at the surface but looking beneath the layers.
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rosemary eagles nz abstract painter
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rosemary eagles nz abstract painter
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rosemary eagles nz abstract painter
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rosemary eagles nz abstract artist
rosemary eagles
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rosmeary eagles nz abstract painter
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Rosemary Eagles
New Zealand Abstract Art Exhibition
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