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Little Betty Ceramics
NZ ceramic figurines

Little Betty is New Zealand artist and maker Debra Powell.

I've been working with paint and clay for over twenty years, since studying art and design in the 1980s. My ceramic work is eclectic in range and medium and includes jewellery in porcelain, wheel-thrown domesticware in earthenware, and sculptures in terracotta, stoneware, and paperclay.

My sculptural work, in particular, is informed by a decade spent deep in the world of academia. My forays into New Zealand cultural history, gender studies, and criminology ended in a doctorate in crime history and homicide studies. Underpinning all that research was a fascination with narrative and the significance of stories in the way we experience and interpret the things around us. My recent clay work continues along this narrative theme. Though a whole lot lighter in content, it explores the stories that give meaning to our strange and fabulous lives.

The works listed below are a small sample of those currently on display in the gallery.

little betty ceramic wall figures
Ceramic Wall Figures each approximately 25-30cm tall $130 each Enquire Now
Little Betty nz ceramic figurines
Porcelain Figurines each approximately 22-27cm tall including glass dome Enquire Now
little betty nz ceramic figures
Rabbitmen Musicians each approximately 31-33cm tall Enquire Now
Little Betty ceramics
NEW Left Kea in a Hoodie, Right Kakariki with a Ukulele Enquire Now
Little Betty ceramic figures
Little Betty ceramics
Little Betty NZ ceramic figurines
NEW Beastie eating moth in Bell Jar (18cm tall) Enquire Now
NEW The Watcher Figure and Magpie (40cm tall) Enquire Now
NEW Kokako and Ukelele (40cm tall) Enquire Now



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