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Joe (Ngai Tahu, Ngapuhi and Te Arawa (Ngati Makino)
New Zealand Contemporary Maori sculptor and carver

joe kemp nz maori carver and sculptor

Kia Ora Tatou
My name is Joe, married to Sherie and we have three sons. We have lived in Lake Rotoma in the Bay of Plenty for the last fifteen years. I was born in Christchurch but we moved up to the Bay of Plenty when I was two, and have been here ever since. My tribal connections are Ngai Tahu, Ngapuhi and Te Arawa (Ngati Makino). I have been into art since I can remember only finding my sculpting ability eight years ago. I am self-taught and find it a great privelage to be able to create with these mediums and art forms.  I enjoy carving human form, especially females.  I feel doing human form connects me with my ancestral history which brings a whole new meaning and purpose to the finished art work. I use wood as my main medium and enjoy the secrets and surprises that our native timbers have with them.  I sense a connection with Tane Mahuta (the life force of the tree) as I'm working with the wood, so it is quite a special feeling. I also carve a variety of stone, where again there is a connection with Papatuanuku (Earth Mother).  I look to bring out the Wairua (essence) in each piece, starting from where the material originated and using any special features and grains in the stone and wood. Thanks for taking the time to stop and look at my work. Joe

Congratulations to Joe on winning first prize at the 2012 Lake House Wood Sculpture Symposium.
Joe has done it again Lake House Wood Sculpture Live 2013 With a stunning piece entiteld "My Kaitiaki"

Click here to see Joe's latest exhibition November 2016

Te Haa Mauri ("A fresh breath")

This collection of works depicts life, given from Tane Mahuta ( The God of the Forest ). I enjoy the fact that the wood is so old, and I am able to be a part of it's life cycle. I feel the work creates itself, showing the Essence and the Mana of these (once were Magnificent Trees) I hope you enjoy viewing my work and seeing the life installed back into our Native timbers! Kia ora Koutou.
(please note each piece has it's own meaning - please feel free to contact us to have this explained)
Joe Kemp NZ Maori carver and sculptor, swamp wood, figures
New 2016 Hine ti tama Size: 154cm tall x 80cm wide Swamp Totara Enquire Now

joe kemp nz maori carver and sculptor, native wood   joe kemp maori sculptor and wood carver   joe kemp maoria wood carvings
New 2015 Reremoana Size: 184cm tall
Swamp Totara on Macrocarpa Stand Enquire Now
Te Huia Size: 73cm tall
Swamp Totara Enquire Now
Pu Tangata Size: 127cm tall
Swamp Hinau Enquire Now

joe kemp nz maori contemporary sculptures  
joe kemp nz maori contemporary maori carver
New 2015 Papatuanuku Swamp Totara Tabletop Piece $10,500.00 Enquire Now Sold   New 2015 Ruamoko Swamp Totara Tabletop Piece Enquire Now

joe kemp contemporary nz maori sculptor, wood carving joe kemp maori wood and hard stone carver
E Tu Swamp Totara
Size: 2.01m tall $8500
Enquire Now Sold
Te Whaiao Totara, Oamaru Stone, Piecock Totara Stand
Size: 195cm tall
Enquire Now Sold
Joe Kemp traditional maori carvngs and sculpture, New Zealand art
Joe Kemp nz wood sculptor and maori carvings
Noa Swamp Totara, Whale Bone, Macrocarpa Base $13,000.00 Enquire Now Sold
New Manaia Kauri (220cm tall) $15,500 Enquire Now
Joe Kemp Maori sculptor
Joe Kemp maori carver
Survivor Swamp Totara $8000 Sold
Tu te Whenua Size: 110cm tall Swamp Totara, Steel Base $10,500
Enquire Now Sold

Click here to see Joe's latest exhibition November 2016

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