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Adam, the Apple & Eve
Exhibition October 4 - 21
Saturday October 4 3pm

Jayne Thomas


"You do not have to believe in Adam and Eve, just appreciate the story.

Adam and Eve. The first couple on earth and all they had to do was follow some simple instructions. Eden was their oyster and everything they needed would be provided, this being a golden era of love and beauty. However there was only one rule and that was "Do not eat from the tree of life". Such a small request and one that they failed. Eve was tempted and ate from the tree then shared it with Adam. This simple faux pas had a profound effect on them for when God called them they were filled with shame and would not come out for they had sensed their nakedness.

When do we sense our nakedness, when do we stand on that edge which tilts us from being happy in our own skin,when do you become aware of how different we are? I think it gets younger, that edge, our own tree of knowledge, the internet constantly informing us how we should look, what to wear and who to be."
"This body of work is a narrative, a sort of journey through those uncomfortable times. Artist who have influenced me with this body of work are Vanessa Beecroft, a photographic artist, her work is often about how we present ourselves - all the same but all individuals. Rineke Dijkstra is another photographic artist who is not interested in what people think of themselves but the tension within them that sense of discomfort and Marlene Dumas a painter who is interested in faces, ' Everyone has his own face, his own skin colour. What interests me is what I see.' "

jayne thomas nz figurative artist, encaustic paint
jayne thomas nz figure artist, oils and encaustic
The Birth of Venus Oil and Encaustic 160cm x 110cm ENQUIRE NOW
Young Venus Oil and Encaustic 152cm x 92cm ENQUIRE NOW
Venus was meant to be an embodiment of pure beauty, it was never the intention that she become an erotic symbol. My Venus is shy. Beautiful but just a bit awkward, she senses her sensuality rather than knowing it.
"A symbol to all those young girls who feel awkward in their own skin, to
those who think they will never be beautiful, and to those who are full of
self doubt. Young Venus is not beautiful, she is uncomfortable and acutely aware of being in the spotlight. It almost seems unkind to have put her
there but to me she is brave and all those negatives are her beauty"
jayne thomas nz portrait and figure artist, oil
jayne thomas nz artist and portrait painter
I didn't mean to Oil and Encaustic 152cm x 91cm ENQUIRE NOW
The afterthought Oil and Encaustic 76cm x 102cm ENQUIRE NOW
"Sure Eve, we all say that but in hindsight we got fashion......"
If I had done things differently, would I still be who I am?

jayne thomas nz encaustic and oil artist
  jayne thomas nz figurative artist and encaustic painter
Adam Oil and Encaustic 100cm x 100cm x 2 Diptych ENQUIRE NOW
Eve Oil and Encaustic 100cm x 100cm x 2 Diptych ENQUIRE NOW
"Adam's stomach sinks as Eve regards the Apple.
'No!' He says 'Don't do it. Oh No! Too Late...' "

jayne thomas nz figurative painter
After the Apple Oil and Encaustic 122cm x 91cm ENQUIRE NOW
After eating from the tree of knowledge, Eve becomes aware of her nudity
and gently covers herself.
jayne thomas nz figurative and portrait artist, encaustic and oils
Conversation after the Apple Oil and Encaustic 122cm x 91cm ENQUIRE NOW
"If Eve had not eaten the apple would we still have Bendon?"


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