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The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 4456665 Cell: +64 021 577078

brendan adams nz potter, sculptor, clay and slip casting


Brendan Adams New Zealand Ceramics and Pottery

Born in Auckland in 1961,Brendan has been making a living from clay since 1987.
With Kathryn his wife, he set up Out of the Blue, a shop in Kingsland, Auckland which they had for 10 years. Together they now run Brendan Adams Design from their home studio in Auckland.
Brendan has a diploma in Fine Arts from Otago Polytechnic, where he majored in painting. Brendan’s domestic ware is well recognised for its pacific colours, its easy going kiwi attitude
and inventiveness, he is also well known for his abstract and figurative sculpture.
His work has been exhibited throughout the country in major competitions and exhibitions where he has won several awards, and is represented in the Auckland Museum, James Wallace Trust and regional collections.
Brendan has amassed a large following of clientele who appreciate his fine New Zealand ceramics and creative and unusual sculpture. More recently his contemporary sculpture has seen him combine other materials with the ceramics such as steel, brass, alluminium and wood. Brendan teaches at the Auckland Studio Potter Society. He has also been a lecturer at Auckland's Unitec. Check out a visit to Brendan's studio here

Check out Brendan's last exhibition 2020 here

Brendan Adams nz ceramic art, three fools in a boat, pewter   Brendan Adams nz pottery and ceramics, terracotta tall vase
NEW 2020 Three Fools in a Boat
Ceramic, Pewter
Size: 28cm tall x 22cm wide
NEW 2021 Terracotta Vase Tall
Size: 36cm tall Price: $650
Brendan Adams nz ceramic artist, terracotta radio   Brendan Adams nz ceramic sculptor, terracotta radio
New 2019 Terracotta Radio 32cm tall ENQUIRE NOW Sold
Terracotta Kitchen FM Radio 15cm tall x 25cm wide ENQUIRE NOW
Brendan Adams nz ceramic artist, blue tooth radio
  Brendan Adams nz ceramic artist, pottery, standing man
Purple Blue Tooth Radio 26cm tall ENQUIRE NOW Sold
Gabon Yellow Standing Man 36cm tall $300 ENQUIRE NOW
Brendan Adams nz ceramics, birdbath
Brendan Adams nz ceramic platter
New Quatrefoil Birdbath 71cm tall ENQUIRE NOW
Raised Platter Tall White 30cm tall $550 ENQUIRE NOW Sold

Navigating Everyday Spaces
Brendan Adams nz sculptor, ceramics
Saturday 29th September at 3pm

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Brendan Adams nz ceramic pottery, fragments
New 2020 "Fragments" Ceramic Size: each piece is approximately 25cm tall x 22cm tall Enquire Now

Brendan Adams,Ceramic artist, yellow loops

Brendan Adams nz ceramic art
Brendan Adams nz ceramic sculptor, smokestack

Yellow Loops
New Size: 45cm tall Ceramic
Enquire Now

"Eight windows" Ceramic, Wood, Aluminium
Size: 64cm wide x 68cm tall Price: $3200 Enquire Now
"Smoke House 1" Ceramic, Brass
Size: 40cm wide x 42cm tall Price: $2500 Enquire Now
Brendan Adams, Ceramic artist, Kauri Point Magazine Tall
Brendan Adams, ceramic artist, kauri point magazine
Brendan Adams, ceramic artist, scaffolding vase
Kauri Point Magazine Tall
New Size: 42cm tall Ceramic
Enquire Now
Kauri Point Magazine
New Size: 30cm tall Ceramic
Enquire Now
Scaffolding Vase
New Size: 50cm tall Ceramic
Enquire Now
Brendan Adams, ceramic artist, standing nude oval tile
Brendan Adams, ceramic artist, life rawing seated figure
Brendan Adams, ceramic artist, snoot, red figure
Standing Nude on Oval Tile
New Size: 33cm tall Ceramic
Enquire Now
Life Drawing Seated Figure
New Size: 21cm tall Ceramic
Enquire Now
Red Figure, Snoot
New Size: 12cm tall Ceramic
Enquire Now

brendan adams nz ceramic artist and sculptor
Interactive Acoustic Phone App 143cm tall x 37cm wide $3800 Sold ENQUIRE NOW

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Brendan Adams New Zealand Ceramics and Pottery

art by the sea facebook page
The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 4456665 Cell: +64 021 577078